Artist biography

Jenna Mishelow went to Herron School of Art and Design majoring in painting and art education with a minor in art history, certified to teach art kindergarten thru 12th grade. She works and resides in Indianapolis and has been here her whole life. The city is beautiful in its contrasts. People in business suits, homeless people, bars, fancy restaurants, fast food drive-throughs, trash on the street, recycling bins, tall skyscrapers, quiet neighborhoods, and highways.

“I create many contrasts in my work, such as bright, abstract, organic shapes vs. thin, gesture lines, and glossy vs. matte finish. I do this by creating many layers and textures using much mixed media. I love to find the beauty in things that other people have discarded. I tend to take found objects, newspaper clippings, sand, and twine to uniquely individualize my oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings. I also listen to my subconscious, striving to paint intuitively. Another process I use to give a distinct characteristic to my paintings is my application of thick layers to build up the canvas creating a somewhat sculptural feel. Some of my paintings are very conceptual, but I do not believe that it cannot evoke a personal feel for the viewer as well. My main medium is paint, but I also create ceramics, glass blowing, furniture, drawings, and my newest form of art is the very permanent art of tattooing.”